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Dean’s Message


The Faculty of Architecture is one of the oldest institutions of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, educating architects for the last 146 years. At the end of the 19th century architects including Imre Steindl, Alajos Hauszmann, Frigyes Schulek defined the city scape of Budapest, adding to this faculties colourful history are names like Ernő Rubik – the Rubik’s Cube inventor, Ádám Somlai-Fisher – founder of Prezi and Gábor Domokos who along with his colleagues developed the Gömböc “Sphere” experiments.
Our diploma course has been accredited throughout europe since 1986, carrying worldwide recognition. Our curricula were organised on Swiss and German models. The Faculty has maintained these traditions for the last 40 years but provides additional European and international dimensions through guest lecturers from abroad, topical short courses, workshop seminars and exchange programs.
As dean and lecturer I wish to share with you my pleasure of the experience gained through student-teacher collaboration, the great aims we have for  future creative research, and wish to engage our teaching staff as part of your future journey and growth as professional individuals.
Architecture and architects as a profession are multi-layered. Amongst our faculties graduates there are colleagues we can find who design our built environment implement the economic background, much in the same way as construction applies the development of innovative use of materials and structures to organise and develop our settlements.
The faculty provides the need and ability to think responsibly alongside the additonal expertise required to garauntee the future of a specific architectural lifestyle.

About György Alföldi

György Alföldi DLA / Architect, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) / Member of the Board at Rév8 Plc. / Chairman, voting member, Hungarian Academy of Science, VI. Section of  Engineering Sciences, Committee on Architecture / Standing Committee on Urban Sciences

In his DLA thesis, defended in 2007, he analysed the connections between architecture and urban development. Within the Department of Urban Planning and Design, he and Péter Bach created the „Urban Future Laboratory”. The aim of the project is to teach urban planning and design through researching the challenges of a city’s future, while reacting to social needs.
Since 1998 György Alföldi has been responsible for the urban development of Józsefváros, the eight district of Budapest. He took part in the renewal of the district, namely the Corvin Sétány and the Magdolna Quarter Programs, which are well-known throughout Europe.

BME Faculty of Architecture’s mission

For nearly 150 years the Faculty of Architecture at BME has undergone a continuous process of transformation to preserve its solid foundation in the tradition of pedagogy. Our training contributes to solving the of social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges associated with globalization, by training creative architects who are capable of reflecting on and reacting to the needs of an integrated ecosystem.
The Faculty has a unique set of values and advantages among European training workshops, resulting from the traditional duality of our artistic and technical training courses and the synergy found between them.
The Faculty focuses on humanity, so that our tutors and students find their place, ambitions are met, providing a diverse base for collaborative research and creativity based upon our continuous development of internal energies.
Our basic, undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and doctoral courses continue to keep pace with the increasingly specialised needs required of our alumni to hold  competitive positions in the labour market.
The architectural profession is very diverse. From space-shaping to social needs, from creating technical solutions and processes to protect our built environment, up to the development of new materials, technologies, or the shaping of the world cities. The task of the Faculty is to develop the necessary responsibilities and capabilities required for these roles.



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BME Építészmérnöki Kar
BME Építészmérnöki Kar7 days ago
💡BME-EELISA Info Day: Hogyan kapcsolódhatunk európai egyetemekhez a Műegyetemről?💡

A június 23-án 10 órakor kezdődő online rendezvényen bemutatkozik az EELISA műegyetemi tevékenysége és nemzetközi konzorciuma, emellett a kapcsolódó nagyvállalati és egyetemi együttműködésekről is tájékoztatnak az előadók.

Regisztráció és bővebb információ a honlapon: http://www.bme.hu/hirek/20210610/BME_EELISA_INFO_DAY
BME Építészmérnöki Kar
BME Építészmérnöki Kar7 days ago
📍🔨Közösségfejlesztés és közösségi tervezés a gyakorlatban. 🔨📍
2021. szeptemberében újraindul a Közösség - Tér - Település program!
A KTT-n való részvétel lehetőséget ad arra, hogy
- a gyakorlatban tapasztald meg a különböző szakmák együttműködésében rejlő lehetőségeket
- fejleszd a tiedtől eltérő szempontok, megközelítések befogadásának, megvitatásának képességét
- bővítsd a szakmai kapcsolatrendszered
- gyakorlatot szerezz – az intézmények működésétől, a városfejlesztésen át az Európai Uniós források elosztásáig egyre hangsúlyosabbá váló – közösségi alapú megközelítések alkalmásában
- az önkormányzatokkal való együttműködés során betekints egy-egy település működtetésével, fejlesztésével kapcsolatos szempontokba, dilemmákba
⏳Jelentkezni egészen augusztus 1-ig lehet!
3 months ago
We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly formed International Architecture Student Committee here at the Architecture faculty of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Find us here: https://t.co/UvSFnXF1Ni https://t.co/UscJtI71pl
ArchBme photo
8 months ago
We are happily announce that a team of our doctoral students win 4th place and get into the second round at Grössling City Bath international competition!
Congratulations! https://t.co/MsInVDm5kt
ArchBme photo
8 months ago
Proudly announce, our LAKO2 maquette exhibition has been selected as an official program of Budapest Design Week 2020. Opens on weekdays 08-22 Oct. https://t.co/WD0tGe5UXS ArchBme photo


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