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Preparatory year

The one-year program in English, called the General Course precedes the Degree Program. It is designed to develop the skills of students from abroad so they will be at no disadvantage in meeting the Faculty’s exacting educational standards. Students are introduced to various aspects of the profession they have selected, and they concentrate on studying English and basic technical subjects such as mathematics and freehand drawing. Students who show enough skills at the Placement Test can automatically (immediately) start the Degree Program. The study program and subject descriptions are available in the  Bulletin.

Code of studies and exams and other regulations for courses are avaiable here.

Integrated MsC Studies

Integrated MSc Program is a five-year long training which is realized in a split-up system, in full conformity with the Hungarian speaking section. For obtaining BSc degree students have to accumulate min 240 credit points, for MSc degree min. 300 credit points by accomplishing the obligatory subjects and gathering the remaining credit points by fulfilling elective subjects too.

BSc degree can be obtained in a minimum of four years, MSc degree in a minimum of five years of study. Diploma projects are prepared in the last semester under departmental guidance and can be submitted only by students with an “absolutorium” (university leaving certificate). The diploma project is expected to reflect its author’s familiarity with technical and aesthetic knowledge fundamental to architectural practice, and his/her creativity in applying it.
Graduation is based on the successful completion of examinations in all subjects and on the successful defence of a diploma project before a Final Examination Board. The examinations are public and the Board consists of professors and eminent specialists in the profession.

Currently, international agreements make it possible for certain Hungarian students to prepare and defend their diploma projects in the university of another country. Students from abroad can correspondingly prepare and defend their thesis projects under the guidance of the Faculty of Architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

After graduation students can apply for doctoral studies (PhD, DLA), and they are appropriate for building design and other activity in building industries.

Students, both international and Hungarian, who have a command of both languages can choose from either program. The participation of Hungarian students in the program given in English has obvious advantages. It eases the integration of international students into the society, which surrounds them during the years of their studies. It also attracts students from European, American, Asian and other universities worldwide to study in Budapest within the the framework of the International Student Exchange Program and other agreements. Hungarian students likewise gain the opportunity to study at schools of architecture abroad. These exchanges will become a powerful factor in achieving real convertibility among educational systemworld-wise and, eventually, mutual international recognition of degrees.

The study program and subject descriptions are available in the  Bulletin.

Code of studies and exams and other regulations for courses are avaiable here.

Diploma Project – production of and Final Examination (Defence of Project) – Integrated MSc Degree Course is available here.


Köszönjük a KépKocka - Építész Média Kör-nek a képeket a BIM/Zöld trendek szakmai napról! És köszönjük, hogy ennyien eltjöttetek! Build-Communication Kft. ... See MoreSee Less
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„Nők a tudományban” konferencia!A budapesti Francia Intézet és a Nők a Tudományban Egyesület (NaTE) egy egésznapos konferenciát tart március 27-én, amelynek témája a nők helye a különböző tudományágakban. A konferencia alkalmával a vendégek között szerepel Bérengère DUBRULLE asszony, az "Év Tudósnője" - a Tudományos Akadémia 2022. évi Irène Joliot-Curie-díj jelöltje. A nyolc vendég a nők kutatásban és a tudományos ismeretek fejlődésében játszott szerepéről számol majd be, és mindannyiunkat arra ösztönöznek, hogy megtörjük a nemi sztereotípiákat a tudományterületeken belül.📅 Dátum : 2023 március 27. hétfő⏱ Időpont : 9:00 – 15:30🏦 Helyszín : A budapesti Francia Intézet Auditorumában (1011 Budapest, Fő u. 17)Ingyenes – Az esemény francia és magyar nyelven kerül megrendezésre, szinkrontolmácsolással. Regisztráció 👇https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctXuuckg72q33pGlbrmo6u_O6Mg6mY-qsbY3wvnyLs7Dp2ag/viewformProgram: www.franciaintezet.hu/hu/cikkek/egyetem-es-kutatas/programok/konferencia-nok-a-tudomanyban.html ... See MoreSee Less
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We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly formed International Architecture Student Committee here at the Architecture faculty of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Find us here: https://www.facebook.com/archisc.int/

We are happily announce that a team of our doctoral students win 4th place and get into the second round at Grössling City Bath international competition!

Proudly announce, our LAKO2 maquette exhibition has been selected as an official program of Budapest Design Week 2020. Opens on weekdays 08-22 Oct.

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